– Premium Account is a file hosting provider that offers online storage and backup services. The company provides registered users with advanced uploading and downloading tools that one can use to store and share large files remotely.

Interestingly, you can upload, download, share or edit any type of file, including videos, images, audio and flash files as long as they do not breach copyright laws. What is more remarkable is that using a file hosting provider such as eliminates the need for acquiring external storage devices such as hard disks, pen drives, and Micro-SD cards.

Therefore, if you are having trouble sending a large file via email or you are looking for a virtual repository to store your important documents, do not hesitate to sign up for a premium account for exceptional file-sharing services. Free Account

As mentioned earlier, is free to join. However, free membership comes with a host of limitations. Apparently, download speeds are capped at 70 KB/s, and you can only download one per hour. As if that is not enough, free usage does not support download resume, meaning that you have to restart the process all over again in case of any disconnection.

What is more infuriating is that downloads do not start immediately. Essentially, you have to enter a Captcha code and wait for the download timer to elapse before you can initiate the process. Furthermore, free usage does not support download managers, and you have to put up with numerous annoying ads throughout the entire download process.

With file size capped at 5 GB per upload/download, it is only logical that you upgrade to a premium account to avoid all these limitations. Premium Benefits premium comes with dozens of benefits for an exceptional file-hosting experience. Here are some of the features that come with a premium account.

Fast Download Speeds

While free members can only download at speeds of 70 KB/s, premium members enjoy unlimited download speeds.

Simultaneous Downloads

With premium, you can download an unlimited number of files simultaneously subsequently cutting down on waiting times and improving productivity.

Download Resume

In case of any connection problems, you can always resume your download from where it stopped prior to the disconnection

No Download Delay

Unlike free membership where you have to wait for 30 seconds to start your download, premium membership does not have download delays. Essentially, all downloads start instantly.

Download Manager Support

The free account does not support download software such as download accelerator. However, this is not the case with premium. By upgrading your account, you may incorporate any third-party download manager to retrieve large files quickly.

Unlimited Storage Space

Free and regular accounts can only use up to 500 GB of storage space while Premium accounts have virtually unlimited storage space

Does premium have any drawbacks?

Like any other file-hosting service, premium has a few shortcomings. Firstly, the platform does not allow for hot-linking. This restricts users from sharing their files using hot links. In addition, are not stringent in terms of copyright laws. Apparently, the company has found itself in an awkward situation severally for allowing users to upload pirated content.

Premium Rates

What most people don’t realize is that premium is comparatively affordable than other file-hosting providers. Their premium rates are reasonable and offer good value for money. Here is a breakdown of premium rates

The secret to enjoying discounted rates is to pay for a longer period. Essentially, if you subscribe for 1 year upfront, you stand to save up to $140.

Is Premium Worth Joining?

If you are searching for a trusted file hosting provider offering highly exceptional services, look no further than The company has been around for the longest period, serving web users with dedication. Moreover, the service is secure and very easy to use. Although they offer free usage to members, it is advisable that you sign up for premium membership to enjoy a splendid file hosting experience.

Background Information

Before subscribing to any file-hosting service, it is advisable that you carry out a thorough background check to allay any fears and protect your privacy. A background check on reveals that the company is not only trustworthy but also popular with online users.

Apparently, is an Albanian company with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Germany, Slovenia, and Luxembourg. Moreover, the service provider has been in business for the last 27 years, making one the oldest file hosting companies still in operation today.

User Interface has a very simple user interface. In fact, one would forgive for thinking that the website is just a template or a work in progress. Nevertheless, the simplicity of the site is a blessing in disguise as it allows users to register quickly and with relatively easy. In addition, the menu links are easy to find, and you can buy a premium account effortlessly via the homepage.

Amazingly, the website is available in multiple foreign languages other than English. This allows non-English speakers to choose a dialect that makes them more comfortable for seamless operation. Available languages include Russian, German, Turkish, Polish, Thai, Spanish, Japanese, Hungarian, Indonesian and Dutch. You may choose your preferred language by clicking on the drop-down menu located at the top of the homepage.

Signing Up is a free file hosting platform with an option of upgrading to a premium account. This means that you can start as a free registered user before buying a premium account. The type of account you need depends on your preferences and the nature of files you will be working with. If you want to store files temporarily then you should opt for a free account. However, if you normally handle and share large files then a premium account would be the ideal option.

Interestingly, registering as a user is fast and simple. The sign-up process only requires you to provide your email/username and create a password. You also need to check the reCAPTCHA box to prove that you are not a robot and create a member’s account.

Operation makes it easy for everyone to upload and download files. In fact, you do not require any special computer skills for you to use this service. The platform offers various sophisticated tools that you can utilize to manage, edit and share your files. What is more amazing is that allows you to access your files across multiple devices. Essentially, you may upload or download files via your smartphone, computer, laptop or tablet at anytime and anywhere so long as you have a stable internet connection.

The process of uploading files is similarly easy. You may upload your docs using three conventional methods, including browser upload, File Transfer Protocol FTP and remote upload.

Seemingly, browser upload is the easiest ways of transferring files, as it only requires you to drag and drop your documents on the open upload folder. This is method is ideal for small to medium-sized files. On the other hand, FTP is a more complex method that requires you to use a special program called a FTP client to upload files. This option is ideal for uploading large, heavy files thanks to its fast upload speeds and advanced features. Finally, remote uploading allows you to upload files from another computer other than the localhost. This method is ideal if your local internet connection is very slow.

Is Safe?

With the emergence of various online scams in recent times, some web users may be a little bit skeptical about enlisting the services of a file hosting platform such as In any case, no one would be contented about losing personal data or highly sensitive information to hackers.

The good news is that is extremely secure. The company has a valid SSL certificate meaning that their platform uses Security Socket Layer encryption to facilitate communication between your computer and the site. This essentially protects your files from unauthorized access. It also safeguards your personal details, especially when making payments for a premium account.

Another security feature revolves around file sharing. Apparently, other users cannot search for your files, meaning that you can only share your documents with just the intended people. In addition, does not allow for hotlink subsequently restricting unregistered users from accessing your files.

Apart from enforcing various security mechanisms, encourages users to create strong passwords to secure their accounts. It is advisable that you change your password every few weeks to limit hacking attempts.

Help Desk Services has an elaborate FAQ section on their website where you can find all the answers to common queries. However, should you need more help, you may contact support via email ticketing. In addition, you need to log in into your account before you can open a new ticket. The good news is that you can always check the status of your ticket on the support page.

Unfortunately, email ticketing is the only way of reaching the support team, as does not have live chat or phone support.